Comment Polices

colorDNA encourages active discussion and contributions from its readers around the world, who have specific experiences, information or questions. 

In the best interest of readers and the integrity of each article, colorDNA will curate and guide any discussion on an article, in the same way the article was chosen to be posted.

Andrew welcomes positive enquires and comments and would like each colorDNA article to remain an enjoyable and informative experience, reserving the right, as the subject matter expert, to keep all discussions relative to the topic.

All comments will be screened, and some will not be published. We will not permit any form of abuse and discourage those that add nothing substantial to an article’s intent.

The question is not 'Does a person have a right to comment?' or 'Is this critical of the article?', but rather 'Is this comment relevant and does our audience want to read it?'